Why can’t we change?

I have been overweight since I was 15. I have never had difficulty knowing what to do about it. It was simply never a big enough problem to motivate me to solve it.

That is where most of us live with our investing. We plod along wishing for things to be different. The more we try to change, the more things seem to stay the same.

My roommate recently asked me the right questions about my weight:

“What are your goals for this year?” I listed them off until I got to loosing weight.

“How are you planning to do that?” Now I could no longer ignore the problem. And the conversation that I should have been having with myself for the past decade was finally taking place.

“May I help you with that?” This was comforting and empowering.

If no one has ever asked you the right questions around investing, you may feel like I have been feeling about my diet and activity: failing, powerless to change, can’t talk about it. That is why I love the Investor Inventory. It is a tool that opens the door on this conversation. I get to ask you the right questions and you get to stop being trapped the way you always have been. It takes an hour. Schedule below.

Simon Joshua is a licensed investment advisor representative at Cornerstone Wealth Partners in Michigan. He has structured his practice around investor coaching and committed himself to leading communities in establishing a legacy of fulfillment.

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