About Simon

A few months after becoming a licensed investment advisor representative, Simon joined Cornerstone Wealth Partners. He was drawn to Cornerstone by their mission and leadership. Cornerstone focuses on coaching the client to stay disciplined through a life-long pursuit of well-informed investing practices. This coaching involves honest discovery and decision-making by the clients, the very principles that helped profoundly shape Simon’s early life.

Not long after becoming an investor coach, Simon discovered that he would not enjoy life without his girlfriend. So, he proposed. And she said yes. Simon and Abbie are to be married within a year, day and time to be announced.

Simon continues to learn about investing, coaching, community building, and many other subjects. He enjoys his relationships with God and with his people. He enjoys learning, mostly through reading and writing. He enjoys conversation whenever and wherever he can find it. Right now, his favorite pastime is spending time with his fiancé, Abbie.

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