Why can’t I get ahead?

Reading Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, I’m so torn. Half of me wants to burn it, the other half wants to give a copy to everyone I know. I guess that makes it a well-devised novel. Below is a small excerpt that started to change my life, but first some background. I was not working with passion. My hours were spent finding busy-work-to-do which resulted in nothing getting done. I did not understand what would make me […]

Why do I need an investor coach?

Coaching was defined by Steve Zaffron as altering the way the game occurs to the players so that they can win their game. Investing is a game. The nature of investing itself makes it a game: potential reward, potential loss, critical to develop skill, critical to endure, critical to be coached. The only thing that is different about this game from others is that if you play correctly, you win. That is because your chief opponent […]

Why people panic about Corona Virus

It seems investors have made a sudden and drastic shift into one commodity: toilet paper. This seems irrational. Yet there are enough people doing it that we cannot help but notice the impact. So what is really going on? Actually, people are neither rational nor irrational, they are human. So are you and I. We use a series of heuristics in decision-making, especially when under pressure. Two of them are wants and cognitive errors. Wants come […]

How to Apologize

We apologize in everyday life by saying “Sorry.” When it matters, “sorry” is not enough. When does it matter? When something comes between you and someone you love. Ask for a moment with that relative or friend. Take the time and make the effort to set up a face-to-face meeting. Anything less does not work half as well to improve a relationship. Then, follow these steps. Step 1: Discover Discovery is learning how your friend processes […]

Why can’t we change?

A Commentary on Change or Die: Part I. Why do things always seem to stay the same?

Someday I will change.

Someday, when our problems are gone, then we’ll be happy. We tell ourselves some version of this over and over: in our investing, in our jobs, in our families. You could find it in your thinking almost every day. Here are four truths: Aim for the right things, do the right things, and you will achieve the right outcomes. You have control over some things, or you could have control if you were to take it. […]

Invested by Danielle Town

Invested is a primer on investing methodology and personal financial philosophy.

How about it, Ref?

When moments in life become destructive, remain relational and allow the truth to come to the fore.

How does this occur to you?

When I talk to friends and family about being an Investor Coach, they often ask what that means. My short answer is that behavior affects returns. They often follow up by asking what that means. Investing behavior is the result of three things: your perceptions, your instincts, and your emotions. A longer answer is that you take investing action based on your interpretations of what you observe, your reactions to those observations, and the way you […]


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