Why do I need an investor coach?

Coaching was defined by Steve Zaffron as altering the way the game occurs to the players so that they can win their game.

Investing is a game. The nature of investing itself makes it a game: potential reward, potential loss, critical to develop skill, critical to endure, critical to be coached. The only thing that is different about this game from others is that if you play correctly, you win. That is because your chief opponent is yourself.

In this game, it is critical to master the skills of investing: discovering and living into the future, discovering your purpose, uncovering choice, being “cause in the matter” for your family, owning equities, diversifying globally, rebalancing. These skills can only be learned by doing, with oversight from a dependable and knowledgeable mentor: a coach.

Choose wisely. There are a litany of financial pros calling themselves coaches these days. Find out whether they really mean it by asking how they will alter your occurrence.

If you want to know what coaching is for sure, sign up for an Online Investor Inventory here.

Simon Joshua is a licensed investment advisor representative at Cornerstone Wealth Partners in Michigan. He has structured his practice around investor coaching and committed himself to leading communities in establishing a legacy of fulfillment.

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